About Us



HUIZHOU KISS-JIA INDUSTRY CO.,LTD.,founded in 2011,is a collection of research,development production,Sales,service as one of the domestic enterprise of scale management electroacoustic device.The compny is located in the beautiful HuizhouCity – DanShuiZhen,address in Huizhou huiyang sanhe economic development zone of li & fung industrial park building 10,altogether has more than 4000square meters modern workshop,more than 1…






Why are we doing this

Towards the internationalization of the company's direction, and is committed to become a world-class electroacoustic device manufacturers.


What are we doing?

The use of electro acoustic device for domestic and foreign manufacturers to provide satisfactory solutions, with the best quality and service to meet customer demand maximum.


Who are we?

A well-trained, hard work ahead of the technical management team and a number of highly qualified staff to become the company's growing strong guarantee.

Service Guarantee

We ensure that the product is absolutely no problem, quality first is our company's purposes, for customer service is the company's duty, warmly welcome your comments on our measures to ensure the quality of products, we have improved, and better service for customers.

Service Center
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